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What happens to people who take long naps and who never nap? Tell you the best time to take a nap

Posting time:2022-12-03 11:26:57

What happens to people who take long naps and who never nap? Tell you the best time to take a nap

Many people in life have the habit of taking naps, and they choose to go to bed at noon, so as to nourish their spirits. However, some people are not used to taking a nap, and feel that sleeping during the day is optional, and even if they do not sleep, they are still full of energy. And what are the differences between these two behaviors should be understood clearly, choose the best and healthy lifestyle, let's understand.

1. Replenish energy

People who take naps in the right way can really reap benefits, compared to those who don’t nap For example, you will find that your mental state is better in the afternoon. After a whole day of work and study, one's body will feel somewhat tired, and in a state of fatigue, work efficiency and learning ability will decline. If you can choose to take a proper nap during the day and wake up after a rest, you will find that you are full of energy, your mental state is good, and you will have motivation and motivation to do anything in the future. If you want to effectively improve the ability and efficiency of work or study, you can take a proper nap during the day.

2. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

Taking a nap can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Nowadays, more and more people cause damage to blood vessels because of the instability of multiple indicators. Finally, blood vessels in the heart and brain are damaged, and diseases will appear. By taking a healthy nap, the body can rest, and multiple indicators can be controlled more stably in the process of self-regulation. However, it must be established on the premise of proper nap time and not taking long naps to maintain the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system. On the other hand, some people are overworked for a long time and have insufficient rest time, which may overdraw their body, thereby making the indicators unstable and affecting their health.

3. Delaying aging

Taking a nap is beneficial and can be harvested. Compared with those who do not take a nap, the aging speed of the body will be slower. If you have poor sleep quality, you can't sleep at night, and you don't have enough rest time to regulate endocrine and delay the aging of the body, you may look much older than your peers. The skin condition of the face deteriorates, and there are even obvious dark circles under the eyes. In addition, the skin metabolism rate is slowed down, the cell moisture is reduced, and wrinkles and pigmentation spots are prone to appear. But with enough rest time to meet the needs, it can effectively fight against aging. After waking up, not only the brain is flexible, but the skin condition is also normal. Is there an optimal time for a nap? Many people ask, is there an optimal time for a nap? In fact, if you want to take a healthy nap, you should control the time. There is indeed the most reasonable time range, which must be strictly followed. Generally, the sleeping time is controlled at about half an hour, not more than an hour. Of course, the sleep time cannot be too short, otherwise it cannot meet the demand. Some people just take a nap for more than ten minutes, they will not get enough sleep and feel uncomfortable. Some people take a long nap, often more than two hours, and the activity during the day is significantly reduced, or the day and night are reversed, and the quality of sleep at night will be reduced. The time needs to be strictly controlled and maintained between half an hour and an hour.

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