Should trace elements be checked? Other than this, nothing else is really necessary

Shouldtraceelementsbechecked?Otherthanthis,nothingelseisreallynecessaryAmotherinthebackgroundsaidtha …

From column:Astigmatism Recommendation

Can't eat bananas and persimmons on an empty stomach? What you can't eat on an empty stomach are actually these 4 types of food

Can'teatbananasandpersimmonsonanemptystomach?Whatyoucan'teatonanemptystomachareactuallythese4typesof …

From column:Cataract Recommendation

This net red water cup is teratogenic and ruins the baby's intelligence! Your child may be using

Thisnetredwatercupisteratogenicandruinsthebaby'sintelligence!YourchildmaybeusingThissummermaybesohot …

From column:Protect eyesight Recommendation

These 3 kinds of meat are actually synthetic, I advise you to eat less, don't be greedy for cheap

These3kindsofmeatareactuallysynthetic,Iadviseyoutoeatless,don'tbegreedyforcheapIfyouwanttostayhealth …

From column:Myopia measurement Recommendation

People fart a lot for fear of embarrassment, what will happen if you keep holding it back? Be careful with these 3 trouble

Peoplefartalotforfearofembarrassment,whatwillhappenifyoukeepholdingitback?Becarefulwiththese3"troubl …

From column:Glaucoma Recommendation

Why do people have moles on their bodies? Sort out these 3 major reasons, be careful of malignant changes

Whydopeoplehavemolesontheirbodies?Sortoutthese3majorreasons,becarefulofmalignantchangesBlackmolesapp …

From column:Eye protection for children Recommendation

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